The current edition of the Symposium will be devoted to New perspectives in geoenvironmental research, and will cover the following issues:

  1. Studies of the construction substrate:
    – application of geophysical methods;
    – recognition and study of soil and rock substrate;
    – development of research methods for the construction substrate;
    – spatial variability of parameters.
  2. Geohazards:
    – process identification and supporting investment decisions;
    – strengthening the subsoil in general, communication and hydrotechnical construction;
    – modeling of geodynamic phenomena in geographic information system GIS;
    – application of geophysical methods in predicting geohazards and assessing their effects.
  3. Monitoring:
    – constructions of engineering structures;
    – natural phenomena;
    – anthropogenic transformations.
  4. Geochemical and petrological investigations in geoenvironmental research.
  5. Modern research techniques in sedimentology and structural geology.